Home Maintenance Inspections

If diagnosed and corrected early, most problems in a house are minor and can be easily rectified and inexpensively repaired. For a small fraction of what a major repair would cost, you can have your home completely checked out and repaired before damaged or unsafe conditions worsen and become much more expensive. When considering a home renovation or addition it is prudent to include a home inspection in that process. After all, it's your home and you want the improvements to be done correctly.

Home Maintenance Inspections

Our experienced, fully trained, and licensed inspectors not only know what issues to look for, but can advise you on important maintenance and care items that will help you maintain your home for years to come. Moreover, you will receive a complete "honey do list" without all the guessing and uncertainty that goes into most home improvement projects.

 Reasons to Have a Home Maintenance Inspection:

  • Find those small problems before they become big and more costly problems.
  • Have a comprehensive report detailing the current condition of your home.
  • Save money! By doing minor repairs now, it will save you from big repairs in the future.
  • No surprises when you sell. When you do sell your home in the future, there won't be any unexpected surprises.

See what is included in our Complete Home Inspection.
See what to expect during your Inspection.
View Sample Home Inspection Report.

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